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Corgi Express


Corgi Express is a  ride-hailing platform that helps provide mobility for people lives in Masbate. We are working to keep you safe during these uncertain times while saving precious time on the road.

We can also take care of end to end parcel deliveries through Corgi Express. Forgot something at home? Need to send a package to a friend? With a few clicks, we’ll take care of it for you. All you have to do is sit back and book using Corgi Express.


Online Store


Corgi Express has a marketplace where thousands of people shops every day. Some are buyers; some are sellers, some are both. The beauty of Corgi Express lies in the power of the marketplace – an item is only worth what someone will pay for it. This can mean very high prices for highly sought after items like collectibles, discontinued items, vintage items, unusual items, or anything in short supply.



Pay Bills


Corgi Express also has an Online Billing to pay your bills securely, right from your mobile device. You decide when and how paying bills works best for you. No more checks to write, envelopes to find, or stamps to buy. Set up your bill amount, and we’ll pay it. Initial set-up is quick and easy. View your payment history, and help stay in control by knowing who’s getting paid and by when. If you want, we’ll send you an email confirmation of your payments.